I’m Chiara, an art director, architect and designer. I can’t stop thinking and producing billions of ideas to solve every problem I encounter in my life. 
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know me?

I have an Architecture degree and I attended the Master LABORATORIOMINIERA in Art Direction & Copywriting of Politecnico di Milano – POLI.design. I also love fashion, contemporary art, cinema, photography and traveling, of course. I hate prejudices, racism and lies.
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know me better?

I’m dynamic, curious, absolutely sincere and enthusiast, I feel like I found my place in the world when i discovered ADV cause I think it’s the best “job” in the world cause it’s not a job, it’s a passion. I search to surround me with beauty and positive energy, I think there’s always something to celebrate.
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know me even more better?

“Why” is my favorite question, I never say NO cause everything’s possible, I always want to discover cause you never end up learning, my period in Paris change my life and the way i approach to it, I strongly believe in myself and in my skills, but I know that without my family and my friends I would not be the person I am
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